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Zoom Troll (Zoombombing) Mitigation

It appears, from anecdotal evidence, that the original onslaught of 'Zoombombers' is mostly over. For those who have added a password to your Zoom meeting please be mindful of the newcomer. Using some of the suggestions found on the TIAA (Technology in AA) forum, a number of meetings have posted their ID and password online while still maintaining control of their meetings. The suggestions in the documents below do require more diligence hosting your meeting, especially in the area of monitoring of attendees, but it allows us to be available to those who are still suffering.

First: From Seattle - suggested changes to your Zoom setup are highlighted in bold text. Click for the Google Docs document. There area frequent updates to this document.

Second: From NYIG (New York Intergroup): With many screenshots.

Third: From AASFM (A.A. Intergroup of SF & Marin): Less screenshots.

Last, if you have 40 minutes to spare, Austin Bid for ICYPAA has posted a Webinar on Zoom Best Practices. The video is hosted on the AA Grapevine YouTube channel and is quite comprehensive.

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